How to Prevent Felony Charges after a DUI
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How to Prevent Felony Charges after a DUI

A significant mistake made by drivers is deciding to drink or use drugs (even legal drugs) to drive. If you drink too much alcohol, take prescription drugs that can harm driving, or use illegal drugs, you may be pulled over and charged with driving under the influence. There is still a lot to do regarding charges, but before we discuss why you might get a felony, let us see why you were pulled over.


Why You Were Pulled Over

In all states, police officers have similar strategies when receiving attention from influential drivers. The most common method is only dragging you to a minor violation, such as only speeding a few miles. Then they began to look for obvious signs of drinking or drug use. Another common way is driving legally but irregularly, especially at the night-possibly crossing between lanes. In any case, if you exceed the legal drinking limit of -0.08% in all states, you will be charged.


Why You Are Charged

DUI is exceptionally unsafe. A very high number of crashes and also deaths are caused by alcohol.


Why a Felony?

Some states may even charge you with a felony. Commonly, very first time arrests are charged as an offense DUI charge – the most forgiving. You may spend a couple of days in jail, suspend your license for six months to a year, face fines, be compelled to take classes, and receive probation. Well, this sounds intolerant, but if you obtain a felony charge, it can mean months in jail, years of license suspensions, as well as more severe penalties.


When did you get a felony? One of the most common factors is you are multiple culprits: the more DUI charges you get, the better the opportunity to obtain a felony. Additionally, you could have injured or killed someone while driving or perhaps placed a minor at risk. You may be exceptionally much over the limitation, reviewing too high levels of alcohol.


Pick a Lawyer

How can you avoid these penalties? Unless you are a DUI lawyer yourself, you always need a DUI lawyer. These cases are too important-don’t represent yourself or ask a lawyer appointed by the court. A lawyer can at least reduce the penalties you face. If you are about to get a felony (sometimes called aggravated DUI), consider the price of suspending your license for several years or even longer without spending months in jail. This value can be high, which makes hiring a lawyer essential. If you fail to win due to errors during or after the arrest, you will often get a plea bargain from the prosecution.


In Court

Sometimes you can choose a jury, but in most cases, you will face the judge. The only problem is that this judge may hear cases like yours every day and rarely raise charges. In court, rely on your lawyer. He or she will defend you. If you can prove in some way that you did not exceed the limit, were pulled or arrested in the wrong way, or took various other defensive measures, then you can mitigate the charges even if you have not proven your innocence.